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Aagam Sheth


The Phantom Scientist

Aagam Sheth is a student aspiring to be a researcher focused on impact of computation for social good. He is also a CShaper, python hater, .Net fanatic, gutiarist and an explorer.

Aagam Sheth enjoys exploring the strategies and tools that help us live more productive lives.

Aagam Sheth spends most of his time thinking and learning about programming langauges, algorithms, data science, software engineering and life in general.

This site will be the home to Aagam Sheth's personal portfolio and blog.

Shout on Twitter @Aagam41 – I'd love to meet you! View Aagam's projects on GitHub at Aagam Sheth's Awesome Git Repo

As you might have known by now that Aagam Sheth is a Star Wars Fan. Aagam will strike back in a moment at this destination on the net. A new hope will rise in the exploratory data and computer science domains.

Aagam Sheth Coming Soon...